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In this case the shot came:

from right to left

from left to right

it depends on the skin injuries

it depends on the caliber and the type of a weapon

no conclusions could be made on the basis of such injuries

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Internal body temperature is 30°C, ambient temperature is 20°C, rigor mortis reappears partially after breaking, lividity is partially moving after body position change. Approximate time since death is (by the books):

less than 30 minutes,

1-2 hours,

around 6 hours,

10-12 hours,

more than 24 hours.

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Pedestrian hit by a car sustained injuries to the lower right extremity in the form of: bruise in inner collateral ankle ligament, bruise in the inner part of the distal epiphysis of the femur and blood in the ankle cavity. The doctor can tell that:

such injuries cannot be the ground for accident reconstruction,

pedestrian was hit from the left side

pedestrian was hit from the right side

pedestrian was run over by the car

pedestrian was hit by a truck or a terrain vehicle

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During the autopsy of a stab wound victim a doctor should NOT:

measure the distance between the wound and the sole of the foot

describe the wounds with much care

test for metals in the borders of the wound

broaden the wound for better insight

check the wound by dissecting the tissues layer by layer

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During the examination of the corpse at the place of it's finding following death signs were noted: lividity in the form of small dots in the occipital region, moving after body position change fading easily after thumb pressure and reappearing very quickly, very weak rigor mortis visible only in lower extremities, body internal temperature 21°C. These findings in typical conditions would be visible after:

2-4 hours post mortem

8-12 hours post mortem

more than 20 hours postmortem

more than 36 hours postmortem

time of death cannot be estimated on the basis of such findings

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Certain death marks are:

rigor mortis, livor mortis

rigor mortis, livor mortis and corneal diffusion

rigor mortis, livor mortis, corneal diffusion and skin coldness

rigor mortis, livor mortis and interlethal reactions

none of the above answers is correct

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What are the "preserving" late post-mortem changes:

adipocere formation, mummification

mummification, autolysis

adipocere formation, putrefaction

skeletonization, adipocere formation

all of the above

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The crime of neonaticide:

can be committed by parents to their child

is about killing of any child

can be committed any time

can be committed only during the time of labor

is punished with extreme severity