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what is AI?


Artificial Intelligence:

New forms of Interaction with computers, more than just screen,keyboard and mouse

Facts & Rules --> symbolic reasoning, machine learning

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Name some traits of Robotics


Give short discription of AR and VR


- Improvement of hardware components, regulation, control technology

- interdisciplinary scientific disipline

- Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration

Augmented Reality: projecting digital things in our field of vision

Virtual Reality: allows complete immersion into a virtual worl

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Whats the difference between Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation (examples?)

What are four key elements of Digitalization

Digitization: Transformation from Analog to Digital

Digitalization: Process of moving into digital business:

- Big Data/Digital Information

- Connectivity/Mobility

- Cloud Computing/Networks

- Internet of Things/Automation

Digital Transformation: broader understanding coming together -->greater impact on business and society (AR/VR, Block chain technologies, AI, Disruptive Developments, Internet of Things)

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Name the three Questions every company should ask about Digitalization?

1. What do I offer? (Digitalization can take place at product/service level)

2. How is my offer created? (Internal Process become more efficient through digital Transformation)

3. How do I earn money? (Via alternative models in the future: Subscription, Freemium, Licensing etc.)

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What are the key components of Information?

According to what five criterias do we rate Information Quality?

Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

- Relevance

- Accuracy

- Timeliness

- Usability

- Completeness

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Give a definition of a system

Into what compartments are Infromation systems subdivided into? Solution in picture

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- a group of components inside a boundary that work together to accomplish a purpose

- Software, Procedures, Hardware, People, Data

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What are the main five tasks of Information Systems?

 1. Entering

2. Processing

3. Storage

4. Sending

5. Using

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What is the significance of database management for organisations and how should data be organised?


- Organisations create/use data in:

business processes, application softwares, exchange with other organizations

- Data have to be:

stored reliably, retrieved and access easily