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Internal body temperature is 30oC, ambient temperature is 20oC, rigor mortis reappears partially after breaking, lividity is partially moving after body position change. Approximate time since death is (by the books): 

Less than 30 minutes

1-2 hours

around 6 hours

10-12 hours

more than 24 hours

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Bending fractures usually results in the creation of a "Messerer Wedge" this is especially useful in reconstruction of traffic accidents because it can tell us what was the direction of the force that acted on the bone. In the picture we see a right tibial bone from the front. The pedestrian was hit by the car.

From the Front

From the Back

From the left side

From the right side

It is impossible to tell the direction of the force from this picture

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Conditions required for natural mummification are:

low temperature, lack of air

low temperature, fresh air

high temperature, fresh air

high temperature, lack of air

lack of air, body full water immersion

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Raspberry red (cherry red) lividity:

Can be observed in nitrogen intoxication

can be observed only in carbon monoxide intoxication

can be observed in death due to hypothermia

It's completely inconclusive, we cannot suspect any cause of deaths due to the fact that it can be observed in various death causes

A and C are correct

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Dead body found in the second half of november at 10.00  AM near a road. We know from the prosecuter that probably yesterday at 11 PM he was hit by a car. During the forensic autopsy a doctor fouind multiple superficial abrasions, fracture of the distal left tibial end, well developed lividity, hyperaemia of interanl organs. In histopathological examination no glycogen was found in hepatocites. most probable cause of death is:

Multiorgan trauma

Fatty embolism

Blood loss



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If a person was resuscitated before the death during autopsy you can suspect injuries like?

Blood in pericadial sack

Subdural hematoma

Stomach rupture

broken ribs

all of the above

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What can not be present in a gunshot wound:

Entry wound


Exit wound

Abrasion collar

C and D are correct

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When forensic autopsy is not performed:

Only proper authorities may decide whether the forensic autopsy should be performed

when a death happens in a hospital

When skeletonization or advanced putrefaction happens

When we know the identity of the deceased

When no injuries are visible