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a methodological construct in sociolinguistics whereby language change is studied by comparing the speech of individuals of different ages. Thus by comparing younger and older speakers the direction of language change can be detected

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sociolinguistic research method concerned with observing linguistic variation and change in progress via longitudinal studies. Real time studies track linguistic variables over time by collecting data from a speech community at multiple points in in a given period

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applied linguistics

solutions to language related real-life problems

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absence of any natural or necessary connection between a words meaning and its sound or form

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a variety is autonomous if it has independent cultural status

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British National Corpus

BNC, 1990s, 100 million words, BrE, 10% spoken, 90% written

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competence < -- > performance

technical knowledge vs what is actually being said

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contrastive linguistics

 systematic comparison between two (or more) languages (Whorf 1941)