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if the hypothesis space contains the true functions
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Trade off Accuracy vs. Generalization

Tradeoff between complex hypothesis that fit well and a simpler hypothesis that generalize well

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Supervised learning (x,y)? y=f(x)? and h?

(x,y) input-output pair

y = f(x) true function to be approximated

h hypothesis

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inducitve learning

learning a general function (generalization)

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deductive learning

from known general function to a new rule

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reinforcment learning

agent decides at the end by its own if id did right (exampel with taxi driver - tip or no tip)

or how to act or behave when given occasional reward

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No free lunch theorem

No universally best Model. A set of assumptions work well for a Problem A but necesseraly for Problem B. Diffrent Models lead to diffrent Algo.

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Types of Machine Learning

Supervised: input-output value pair

Unsupervised: classification