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The phagoburst test in the flow cytometry allows

(Midterm Set III)

To determine the number of viable cells that are capable to absorb bacteria

To determine the number of fluorescent-labelled bacteria, phagocytes by a single phagocyte

To assess the formation of reactive oxygen species by Nitroblue tetrazolium reduction to formazans in phagocytes

To assess the formation of reactive oxygen species by substrate oxidation to a fluorescent compound in phagocytes

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A humoral response is targeted on:

Both thymus-dependent and thymus-independent antigens

Exclusively thymus-dependent antigens

Exclusively thymus-independent antigens

Exclusively pathogen antigens

Exclusively haptens

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After a density gradient PBMC isolation, the cell viability must be

assessed. The proper dye is

(Midterm Set III)

Nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT)

Blue formazans

Trypan blue


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A Peyer's patch, this is:

encapsulated organ of gastrointestinal tract lymphatic tissue

non-encapsulated structure of gastrointestinal tract lymphatic tissue

Waldeyer's ring component

A microfolded cell (M-cell)

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Select the set of surface antigens that best characterize NKT cells

(Midterm Set III)

CD3-, CD16+, CD45+, CD56+

CD3-, CD14+, CD16+, CD45+

CD3+, CD16+, CD45+, CD56+

CD3+, CD19+, CD45+, CD56+

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A test applied to detect the oxygen metabolism enzyme defect

should be:

50% hemolysis- CH50

Trypan blue uptake

Nitroblue tetrazolium reduction test (NBT)

Radioactive chromium release assay

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The set of antigens that comprise different cell molecules,

associated with its differentiation, maturation and function is

termed as

(Midterm Set III)





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A test that is NOT aimed for cell isolation is:

MACS (magnetic-associated cell sorting)

FITC (fluorescein induced T cell isolation)

FACS (fluorescence-associated cell sorting)

Density gradient cell centrifugation