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This course is a way to

cover topics on

public economics,

industrial organisation,

behavioral and experimental economics as well as

political economics. 

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“The major pleasures of the social sciences stem from 

an elementary property of human beings: 

Man is capable of producing more complex behavior

than he is capable of understanding…”

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Our economic environment is characterized by interdependence of decision-making


– An agent’s well-being depends on the choices of other agents

– An agent’s best choice depends on what other agents do.

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Infinite regress

• You lose your friend at a Museum.
• You: “Where would I go if I were him?”
• Him: “Where would I go if I were her?”
• You need to think about what he thinks that you will do.
• And he needs to think about what you think that he 
thinks that…

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Game theory allows to

break the infinite regress

and say something useful

in presence of Strategic interactions.

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Game theory sheds

insight on situations in economics, business, politics, and international relations

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Strategic reasoning

when agents use a model of

other agents choices

to predict what they will do,

and then use that prediction

in deciding how to behave

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Game theory

a mathematical tool

for assessing the implications

of strategic reasoning