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9) ARDS is characterized by all except:

a) Non-cardiogenic lung edema

b) increased respiratory system compliance

c) acute inflammatory reaction in the lungs, increased permeability of pulmonary vascular endothelium

d) Hypoxemia

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10) Early phase septic shock is characterized by

a) increased capillary permeability

b) Vasoconstriction

c) A low cardiac output

d) A high capillary artery occlusion pressure (PCWP, PAOP)

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11) The initial MAP target values for the treatment of shock should be:

a) MAP 50 mmHg

b) MAP 65 mmHg

c) MAP 80 mmHG

d) MAP 100 mmHg

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12) Risk of misdiagnosis of brain death according to circulatory criteria is possible in circumstances EXCEPT :

a) hypothermia

b) hyperthermia

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13) *can’t read* Before diagnosis of .....death .....evaluated except

a) depressant drugs

b) malignant hyperthermia

c) primary hyperthermia

d) reversible metabolic disturbances

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14) Gold standard for the diagnosis of death using confirmatory investigation is:

a) evoked potentials

b) arterial angiography

c) EEG

d) Transcranial Doppler

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15) Calculate cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) based on the following data: HR 75, BP 120/80 (MAP 65), CVP 15, ICP 15, Respiratory rate 25, Minute volume 10 l/min

a) 105

b) 60

c) 50

d) 35

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16) Categories of ARDS:

a) mild: 300 <pO2 /FiO2 ≤ 400 (previously called ALI – acute lung injury)

b) Moderate: 100 <pO2 /FiO2 ≤ 200

c) Severe: pO2 /FiO2 ≤ 150

d) Very severe: pO2 /FiO2 ≤ 500