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There are 3 different strategies of building preservation. Name them and sort them according to the relative depth of intervention and durability.

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1. Upkeep (Instandhaltung)

2. Alteration (Umnutzung)

3. Dismantling (Abbruch - Ersatzneubau)

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Why is the strategic building preservation important. Name some reasons.

  • Satisfy needs and comfort for user
  • Increase durability of building
  • Decrease operational cost for building

--> results in value retention for building!

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Building preservation measures have to be evaluated at 3 pillars of sustainability. Define the term "Sustainability" name the tree pillars and mention an example each which has to be considered when planning an building preservation measure.

Uptake (small or big measures), Alteration and Dismanling? Which strategie is the best?

1. Economic: What measure brings the most benefit?
Shortterm Investment / Longterm operational cost?

2. Ecologic: What measure brings the least environmental Impact
Only operational Energy / Grey Energy or both?

3. Social: What do the Inhabitant want? What responsibility for the city do we have?
Can the tenants afford the measures? Do they want it? What building use fits the best at the contect where the plot is situated?

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In the Kyoto Protocol 1997 it was set to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce global warming. As a result, what are the reduction goals of Switzerland?

  • By 2020 reduce greenhouse has emissions -20% compared to 1990.
  • By 2020 reduce greenhouse gas emissions -40% in the building sector.


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Which are important Measures and Labels to force the energy strategie in Switzerland. Explain some of them quickly.

International, Government, Cantons, Local authority

- Kyoto Protokoll
- Paris "Abkommen"

- Label SNBS
- SIA 380/1, energy efficiancy
- Co2 Law

Energy performance certifications:
- Minergie: Only decrease of energy need, some comfort aspects
- Minergie P: Think about Materials
- Minergie ECO: No energy use (also grey energy!)

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Some Building Certificates (LEED) do not only consider the Energy Aspect. Name some examples.

  1. Planning Process
  2. Access to public transportation
  3. Water efficiancy
  4. Materials and ressources
  5. Indoor environmental Quality
  6. ...
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What Materials in a building have typically the highest environmental impact?

  1. Concrete
  2. Brick and Ceramic
  3. Steel
  4. Glass
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Name some Power-operated solutions

  • 2000 Watt Society
  • 1 ton CO2

Renewable Heating Systems, PV usw.
Building Label Certification