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Describe the relation between collected and analyzed data in companies today.

The volume of data available to organizations today is on the rise, while the percent of data they can analyze is on the decline

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Describe the data value cycle

  1. Data collection: Collect/select the data you want to process
  2. Big data: Store the data in the correct form
  3. Data analytics: Analyze and aggregate the datasources
  4. Knowledgebase: Gather knowledge based on the data analysis
  5. Decision making: Make decisions and analyze the impact on the environment (value added, growth)
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Describe the term "data science"

Data science is the extraction of actionable knowledge directly from data through a process of discovery, or hypothesis formulation and hypothesis testing

It spans the collection, management, analysis and interpretation making of large amounts of data. Make informed decisions based on what was learned with a wide range of applications

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What is AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

programs that perform tasks resembling humans

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What is ML(Machine Learning)?

Algorithms to learn from that data without explicit programming

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What is Deep Learning(DL)

Subset of ML using artificial neural networks for treating vast amount of data(big data)

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What is EDA?

Exploratary Data Analysis (EDA): Extract insight from data(outside AI, human based)