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What was the name of the first distillery that Jose Arechabala founded?

La Vizcaya (1878
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Original founder of the distillery (Person)

Jose Arechabala
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Who was José Fermín Iturrioz y Llaguno

Great Nephew of Jose Arechabalas and his replacement in 1926 after his death in 1923
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Who was Cuba's President at the time when Havana Club got nationalized?

Fidel Castro
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When was the end of the distillery in Càrdenas?

1970 - when the family Arechabla emigrated to the US - The distillery got moved to Santa Crus del Norte and 1973 the rights for Havana Club expired. Because the family didn't extend the rights Cubaexport registered the brand new in around 70 Countries.