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Havana Club

Havana Club spezifische Fragen

Havana Club spezifische Fragen

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When and where was Havana Club introduced?

Cuba (Original Place: Càrdenas), 1934

What was the name of the founder? (Company)

Arechabala S.A. industries (Family owned)

When was the Brand nationalized?

After Cuban Revolution 1959

When did Pernod Ricard get involved in the brand?


Where does the state-run Corporaciòn Cuba Ron sell?

Worldwide - except USA

Official Havana Club ingredients (according to website) veeery cheesy question ;P

Cuban sugar cane, cuban climate, cuban people

Master destiller Havana Club

Jose Navarro

What's wrong about a bottle of Havana Club in the States?

It's Bacardi