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1 Introduction to E-Business

Question: Which statements apply to e-commerce?

The use of the internet, the web, and apps to transact to business

The digital enabling of transactions and processes within a firm, involving information systems under the control of the firm

Digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and invidiuals

All electronically mediated information exchanges, both within an organization and with external stakeholders, supporting the range of business processes

An online environment where people can focus on bringing buyers and sellers together

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2. Topic: Business Models in E-Commerce
Question: Which of the following are not revenue models?

Advertising revenue model

Subscription revenue model

Sales revenue model

Affiliate revenue model

Product revenue model

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3. Topic: Online Marketing & Web Analytics
Question: Which of the following applies to the pricing model Cost per thousand (CPM)?

Advertiser pays only for those users who perform a specific action

Mix of different pricing models

Advertiser pays a fixed fee for a slot on a website

Advertiser pays for impressions in 1,000-unit lots

Advertiser pays prenegotiated fee for each click ad received

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4. Topic: Social Local Mobile Marketing
Question: Which statement applies to viral marketing?


viral marketing traditionally refers to a marketing tool for the targeted acquisition of customers in e-commerce

companies are encouraged to distribute fake messages about their competitor

the process of getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing message to friends, family and colleagues

In viral marketing close customer relations and high customer loyalty are prerequisites for success.

Involves a direct acquisition of customers through push communication

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5. Topic: Create an Online Presence
Question: Select the right order of website system development life cycle

System Analysis and Planning, Systems Design, Building the System, Testing, Implementation Service Delivery

Systems Design, Systems Analysis and Planning, Building the System, Testing, Implementation Service Delivery

Systems Designs, Systems Analysis and Planning, Implementation Service Delivery, Building the System, Testing

System Analysis and Planning, Systems Design, Implementation Service Delivery, Building the System, Testing

System Analysis and Planning, Systems Design, Building the System, Testing, Benchmarking

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6. Topic: Digital Security
Question: Why is malware getting so dangerous for social networks?

Social networking-based worms are not expelled through Web proxies.

It is easy to target a precise target audience

Users divulge sensitive information by sophisticated attracks

The malware messages are long-lived.

Have short and fleeting messages.

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7. Topic: B2B Appications
Question: Which of the following applies to E-Procurement?


Electronic integration and management of all procurement activities

Direct goods and indirect goods are two types of goods involved in the procurement process

The main goal is to improve the process flow of transactions and to save costs

Business's enter net marketplaces to trade with a massive variety of suppliers and buyers.

E-procurement showcases products of thousand of different businesses

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8. Topic: Digital Transformation and IT Ambidexterity
Question: Which statement is false?


IT exploration refers to the experimentation with new IT resources.

IT exploitation refers to the utilization of existing and proven IT resources and practices.

Ambidexterity is the need for simultaneous pursuit of exploration and exploitation

IT exploitation ensures that organizations are able to fully utilize their current IT resources to reap their full benefits.

Ambidexterity is the ability to devide conflicts of exploration and exploitation.