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Unit 9 Words

Digital Things

Digital Things

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John hasn't returned to his usual self after our argument. He refuses to be friend with me.

get over / make up with

Whenever Peter was bullied at school, he usually lost control of his feelings and cried.

break down / cry

I called an old friend today and we brought each other up to date on our news. We hadn't spoken to each other for a while.

catch up with

We unexpectedly met our teacher while we were walking around the museum.

run into

Isabel is very shy. She doesn't usually talk freely about her feelings

open up

You should always support and defend your friends when someone is mean to them.

stick up for

When Ciaran met my sister, they liked each other immediatly. They were both obsessed with Worl of Warcraft

hit off

People who are horrible or nasty to other people are called bullies.

pick on