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POM Chapter 01 - Managers and Managing

Principles of Management POM Chapter 01 - Managers and Managing

Principles of Management POM Chapter 01 - Managers and Managing

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A(n) _____ is a collection of people who work together and coordinate their actions to
achieve a wide variety of goals.

_____ is a measure of how efficiently and effectively managers use available resources
to satisfy customers and achieve organizational goals.

Which of the following is true of organizational performance?

The measure of how productively an organization uses its resources to achieve a goal
is known as _____.

The measure of the appropriateness of the goals selected by management for the
organization and the degree to which the organization accomplishes these goals is
known as _____.

Oceania Unlimited Inc. is a tourism agency that offers special holiday packages in the
Pacific region. Every year, as an incentive, the most efficient and effective manager in
the network gets an all-expenses-paid trip to one of Oceania’s islands. Which of the
following managers is most likely to meet these requirements?

Jack Sprouts Inc. is a company based in Riverdale that markets canned vegetables. In
recent years, Jack Sprouts’ business has declined considerably owing to a weak focus
on quality. Holding the managers responsible for the declining sales figures, the CEO
of Jack Sprouts decided to lay off those who lacked effectiveness and were inefficient.
Who among the following is most likely to be laid off by Jack Sprouts’ CEO?

Emma is a highly efficient manager. This implies that she: