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In general when is the application of the procurement procedure mandatory?

Name some reasons why this mechanism exists.

When a public authority is the cliant and a certain treshhold (contract sum) is reached. 

  • Transparency
  • Equal treatement of contractors/Comission
  • non-discrimination

Because the projects are paid with public taxes!

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What kinds of procurement procedure do exist? Explain quickly. 

1. Direct award of contract
- not part of procurement!
- "Freihändige vergabe" for small projects. 

2. Invitation procedure
- minimum 3 offers

3. Selective Procedure

4. Open Procedure

6. Negotiated
- Only for special case e.g. high security military project. 

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The tresholds in Switzerland are defined over 3 different types of costs. Name Them.

  • Supplies
  • Services (fee of architect)
  • Constroction work (e.g. concrete work)
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There are also some regulations when public authorities have to take credits. Explain quickly. 

Depending on the treshold (credit sum) for Project or Implementation, following "inctances" have to be asked and have the power to decide.

  • > 20M$: Sovereign (Population
  • 2-20M$: City parliament
  • 1-2M$: City council
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Name some criteria to evaluate the procurement procedure in sense of quality and quantity

  • Costs
  • Key personality
  • Schedule
  • Project organisation
  • Quality
  • Technikal skills
  • Synergy effects
  • Development potentialities
  • Facility management
  • Innovation
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Question: What exactely does this graph mean?


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Name important element which has to be in a contract

  • Specification (What project?)
  • Provided services
  • Competencies and responsibilities
  • Authority to issue directives!
  • Fee and fee calculation
  • Secondary costs
  • Project organisation
  • Deadlines
  • Terms of Payment
  • Small prints
  • Insurance


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Name 3 Fee-Types with some pros and cons

Time-based fee:
+ suitable for projects with lots of uncertainties
- no cost control for client

Fixed or global fee:
+ Cost control for client
+ Suitable for standard-projects where cost estimate is easy

Free charging according to cost of works:
--> Forbidden in Switzerland!