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Business Ethics 2019/20 Quiz/Mock Exam

Business Ethics 2019/20 Only questions from quizzes and mock exams

Business Ethics 2019/20 Only questions from quizzes and mock exams

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Which of the following is the first step in the ethical decision making process?

Which of the following is NOT one of the six "spheres of influence" to which individuals are subject when confronted with an ethical issue?

The perceived relevance or importance of an ethical issue to the individual, work group, or organization is ____

Studies have found that more than a third of the unethical situations that lower and middle-level managers face come from ___.

According to the ethical decision-making framework, the absence of punishment provides a(n) _____ for unethical behavior.

_____ have been found to decrease unethical practices and increase positive work behavior.

____ involves subordinates simply following the directives of a superior without question. It demonstrates the influence that significant other can exert in the workplace.

Multiple elements work on individuals to affect their behavior. While an individual may intend to do the right thing, ____ can alter this intent.