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Literary Theory 2019

by Dr. Ladina Bezzola / Dr. Thomas Claviez

by Dr. Ladina Bezzola / Dr. Thomas Claviez

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Karten 99
Sprache English
Kategorie Literatur
Stufe Universität
Erstellt / Aktualisiert 12.12.2019 / 15.11.2021
Lizenzierung Namensnennung (CC BY)    (Ladina Bezzola, Thomas Claviez)
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Theory is...

Systematization, abstract, detachment, general traits, big picture, extrinsic, reflection / contemplation

Criticism is...

close reading of a particular text, concrete, immersion, singular cases, small job, intrinsic, explication /evaluation


the concrete steps undertaken and tools used in the activity of theory


the whole set of these tools and steps and their organization