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who is an Entrepreneur?


people who take on the risk between buyers and seller or people who undertake a task such as starting a new venture

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What is an entrepreneurship?

Processby which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to ressources they currently control
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Who is an inventor?

An inventor creates something new
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Entrepreneur vs Inventor

An entrepreneur assembles and then integrates all resources needed to transform the invention into a valuable business
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What is a corporate entrepreneurship?

Practiced by established firms with an orientation to behave entrepreneurially
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What is an entrepreneurial intensity?

Describes the position of a firm on a continuum from highly conservative to highly entrepreneurial
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What is an entrepreneurial spawning?

Process by which large firms create new independent startups
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List four primary characteristics of a succesful entrepreneur

1. Passion for the business

2. Product/Customer focus

3. Tenacity despite failure

4. Execution intelligence