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Working Drawing

Complete set of plans so product can be built completely without any other information
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Why working drawings exist?

New product, redesign of an existing product, system or service.
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Universal Standards are set by these organizations:

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These are all parts of a working drawing:

Shape description (views), size description (dimensions), and miscellaneous information (notes).
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Orthographic Projection

Drawing of a 3D product on a flat piece of paper by unfolding it's 6 sides and drawing the views perpendicular to your sight.
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Prictoral Drawing

One view, with 3 sides. 3D image often in the upper right hand corner.
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What kind of type lettering do you use?

Single stroke GOTHIC, inclined or verticle, and in one style only.
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Text Characteristics

1/8", thick and black, words spaced by eye, 1/8" between rows of words.