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unavailable/I/on/and/in the morning/be/a/further education/

I am unavailable on a further education and in the morning

In the morning on a further education i am unavailable

I am on a further education and unavailable in the morning

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umbrella/to be/your/this/?

umbrella this is your?

is this your umbrella?

is your umbrella this?

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change this phrase into a question: You like to speak French.

Do you like to speak French?

Like you to speak French?

You like to speak French?

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turn this phrase into a question: You are so hungry.

Have you so hungry?

You are so hungry?

Are you so hungry?

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I/see/very often/my children/do not (the most common meaning!)

I don't see my children very often

I very often don't see my children

I don't very often see my children

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She/tall/awfully/to be

She tall awfully is

She is tall awfully

She is awfully tall

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have/to Spain/never/I/to be

I have to Spain never been

I never to Spain have been

I have never been to Spain

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She/met/him/in/the/prison/for the first time

Be aware of different meanings!

she for the first time met him in prison

she met him in prison for the first time

she met him for the first time in prison