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absenteeism n
problem of frequent employee absence from work, often without a good reason
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action learning n
a method of management development based on the completion of practical assignments and problem- solving tasks within business, which become the basis for reflection and learning
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affirmative action n
effort or programme to recruit women and members of ethnic minorities as a way of reducing discrimination against these groups
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1.apply (for) v 2.application (form) n 3.applicant n
1.-make a formal request for sth, especially a job or position within an organization; 2.-a form completed by job applicants 3.-an individual who applies for a job with an employing organization
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1.appraise v 2.appraisal n
1.-measure or evaluate job performance; 2.-the process of evaluating the performance and assessing the development/training needs of an employee
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1.apprentice n 2.apprenticeship n
1.-someone who works for a skilled or qualified person in order to learn a trade or profession 2.-a fixed period of training in which a skill is learned, and where a contract is signed by the employer which protects the apprentice from being fired prior to the completion of the training
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arbitrate v
act as a judge to settle a dispute;
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assess v
make a judgment about the quality of sth;