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Why does most malware have persistance mechanisms?

Perisitence mechanisms allow malware to survive a reboat.

The goal of persistence is to launch malware during boot, logon, etc...

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Describe the persistence two mechanism of Patching?

Binary patching used to be called "virus"

Trojanized system binaries: add malicious code to executables or DLLs that are part of the OS, and which thus get loaded on system startup.

MBR patching: allows malware to start very early in the boot process, before anu security mechanism get loaded. (master boot record is modified to load malware) [new secure boot mechanisms allow BIOS to verify signature of boot loader]

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How can you detect binary patching?

  • check hash of flies on system against DB of known good binaries
  • Check signature of files


Sigcheck form sys internals is a tool to perform signature checks can also be used to perfome a Virustotal lookup for unknown files.

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Name 3 differnt mechanisms that can be abused in an OS in order to autostart malware.

These can be modified.

  • Logon items for users (e.g. Dropbox, Skype...)
  • Services
  • Scheduled tasks
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What does the volatility command hivelist do?

hivelist: locates the virtual addresses of registry hives in memory and the full paths to the corresponding hive on disk.

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What interesting information in regards to malware can be extracted from the registry?

  • Autostart / malware persistence
  • Data stored by malware in registry
  • Partial information on programs executed and the files accessed
  • Encrypted / obfuscated malware payloads

Aditional infromation

  • user related information
  • Hardware configs
  • Credentials / passwords
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What tool can be used for inspection autostart mechanisms on a live system?

Autoruns: this is a tool for inspecting autostart mechanisms on a live system

  • Autoruns is a kind of refernce of Windows autostart mechanisms
  • Unfortunately, autoruns does not work on memory images
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What volatility command allows you to inspect subkeys?

printkey -K "key"

Displayes the subkeys, values, data and data types contained within a specified registry key.