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Does DateTimeFormatter throw a Checked Exception or an uncheced?

It throws a DateTimeException which is a RuntimeException

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Is it dangerous to ommit the generic type when using Predicate or Function?


  1. Compiler Warning
  2. Auto Boxing might not work as Expected, eg. boolean will neither be autoboxed into a Boolean nor Object!
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Does forEach accept an implementation of Function?

No, only a Consumer implementation!

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What happens when catching an checked exception that is not declared by any method in the try block?

The code will not compile!

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Can you declare a Method as final?

Yes, instance methods, but not static methods!

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Must a ENUM enumeration end with a Semicolon?

The semicolon is only required when methods/constructors are declared afterwards!

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What is the difference between Optional.orElse(...) and Optional.orElseGet(...)?

  • Optional.orElse(T) returns the provided value
  • Optional.orElseGet(Supplier<? extends T>) uses the provided supplier to get the default value
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Can a Properties Class be instantiated using a Constructor?