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How do cabin pressure and atmospheric pressure change under normal condition during climb after take-off with an aeroplane equiped with a pressurised cabin?

Please consider also the rate of change.

Both decrease, but cabin pressure decreases more slowly than atmospheric pressure.

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Define "cabin differential pressure"

cabin pressure minus ambient pressure.


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Primary flight controls:

List all the controls wich are primary flight controls according to CS25 (large transport aeroplanes)!

  • aileron
  • rudder
  • elevator
  • roll spoiler
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What is the task of the fan-air-pre-cooler in a bleed air powered pneumatic system of a turbine engine driven aeroplane?

It is to decrease compressor bleed air temperature before it is distributed and used in the pneumatic system

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For a flap system, outline the "load limiting protection"

It protects the flaps from excessive airload by retracting the flaps automatically at a certain flight speed.

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What are the advantages of a Fly-by-wire (FBW) system in comparison with a conventional flight control system?

  • lower weight
  • lower pilots workload
  • flight envelope protection
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What are the possible air sources for the pneumatic system of a turbine engine driven aeroplane?

  • main engine (compressor) bleed air
  • APU (compressor) bleed air
  • ground supply
  • engine driven or electric motor driven compressor (e.g. 787)
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What are the components of a Fly-by-wire (FBW) system?

  • control stick or column
  • electrical signalling system
  • flight control computer
  • actuator und control surface