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Take into account a large transport aeroplane (CS25)

List the requirements for emergency exits

  • there has to be an emergency exit on both sides of the aeroplane 
  • must provide the capability to empty the aeroplane within 90 seconds using half of the number of exits only, and during darkness
  • are equipped with a slide or ramp if the exit is " too high" above the ground.
  • It has to be marked : "EXIT"
  • are marked on the outside by a band of contrasting colors
  • to be opened from the in- and outside
  • opening must be simple and obvious
  • must have a handling instruction
  • protected against inadvertent opening
  • can be operated in PARK- and FLIGHT position.
  • must be easily accessible 
  • free of obstructions

What is the purpose of an accumulator in a hydraulic system?

The accumulator of the hydraulic system is used...

for damping pressure surges (peaks) in the system.

as a storage of engergy, i.e. it provides the ability to drive a unit one time or several times even if the pumps do not work or it helps if a lot of working units have to be driven at the same time.

What is the right sequence of components in the air cycle system (boot strap system)?

  • primary heat exchanger 
  • compressor 
  • secondary heat exchanger 
  • turbine

In which way is the cabin pressure regulated in a large aeroplane with pressurized cabin?

  • Steady airflow into the cabin
  • pressure regulation by variation of airflow leaving the cabin.

During cruise flight, the cabin air for conventional large turbofan driven aeroplance (like B737 or A320) is usually supplied by...

  • the air conditioning packs which are supplied 
  • by main engine compressor bleed air

In jet engine driven aeroplanes the "thermal anti-ice system" is primarily supplied by...

... bleed air from the engines

What is the relation between cabin pressure and ambient pressure (aeroplane with pressurised cabin in cruise flight)?

The cabin pressure is...

higher than ambient pressure

What is a cabin rate of descent?

The increase in cabin pressure is expressed as cabin rate of descent.