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Reasons for the Plurality of Organization Theories


  • objects of research
  • disciplinary approaches
  • ideas of theory building (philosophy of science)
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Function of Organization Theories: Truth vs. Insight

"insight seeking"

"What will matter is how much insight and understanding can be extracted from the entire constellation of theories"

many theories can be true and they are all providing insight (not the same) = it is good to have different theories

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1.3 Organizational Research Paradigms


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Definition of "Paradigm"

"A general perspective or way of thinking that reflects fundamental assumptions about the nature of organizations"

Often several theories within the same paradigm

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Fundamental assumptions (2)

  1. Nature of the society: regulation vs. radical change
  2. Nature of social science: subjective vs. objective
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Paradigms of Organization Research by Burrell and Morgan (Matrix)

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Modul 2: Max Weber and the Concept of Bureaucracy


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2.1 Biography and Historical Background