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the chance that certain specific commands will be obeyed by a given group of persons because of the willingness of those to believe in the legitimacy of the claims of the dominant.

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Rightfulness of system or action in the sense of being perceived as appropriate

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Ideal Types of Authority (3)

  1. charismatic
  2. traditional
  3. legal
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Charismatic Type Authority

leader-follower relationship

Authority resting on devotion to the specific and exceptional sancity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual person, and on the normative patterns or order revealed or ordained by him.

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Traditional Type of Authority

master-servant relationship

Authority restion on an established belief in the sancity of immemorial traditions and the legitimacy of the status of those exercising authority under them.

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Legal Type of Authority

superior-subordinate relationship

Authority resting on the belief in the "legality" of patterns of normative rules and the right of those elevated to authority under such rules to issue commands.

→ pures form: Bureaucracy

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Overview of Different Concepts of Power and Authority

Authority is a specific form of power


  • charismatic
  • traditional


  • legal
    (focus of Max Weber's work)
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2.4 Features and Characteristics of Bureaucracy