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The innate immune system characteristic is generally NOT:

Low specificity

Low plasticity

Immune memory

Immediate response

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The complement function is:

Antigen specific recognition

Antigen presentation

Cytokine production

Pathogen opsonization

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Which of the following statements, describing the essential activities of cells

involved in the immune response, is false:

B lymphocytes- recognize and present peptide antigens to helper T lymphocytes

NK cells- have the cytotoxicity capacity

T lymphocytes- have the cytotoxicity and phagocytosis capacity

Dendritic cells- present antigens to helper T lymphocytes

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The cell parameter that cannot be assessed in the flow cytometry without the

fluorochrome staining is:

Cell size

Cell auto-fluorescence

Cell granularity

Cell cytokine production

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CD3 is a typical marker for:

All leukocytes

All T lymphocytes

All B lymphocytes

Th cells only

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The CD8+ T cell cytotoxicity is associated with:

Generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Secretion of chemotactic factors

Production of perforins and granzymes

Absorption of foreign molecules

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The lymphocyte population are NOT:

B cells

T cells

NK cells

Mast cells

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The receptors of nonspecific recognition of a target (a pathogen) by

immunocompetent cells are NOT:

Lectin receptors

Scavenger receptors

Toll-like receptors

MHC receptors