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Wmu Examen 2019

Wmu Examen 2019

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Is dietary fiber a nutrient

„Degree at which certain product or nutrient may be broken down to its basic absorbable components“ is a definition of

Which of the following best describes the study designs that can be either retrospective or prospective and is often used when the investigators are interested in rare exposure:

The Bradford Hill criterion ”coherence” means that the association has been observed repeatedly in different places, by different observers and at different times

Investigators examine data from insurance company records to assess mortality associated with air pollution among Wroclaw inhabitants. The mortality factors they consider are age at deaths, gender, cause of death, comorbidity. This is an example of a:

If an exposure is a cause of disease, then “temporality” is the Bradford Hill criterion for casual interference that must hold true between exposure and disease. 

Bias is

So-called Hill’s criteria must be met to establish a cause-effect relationship. Which of the following does not belong?