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Recap: What do certificates provide?

- integrity

- authentication

- non-repudiation

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Recap: Why are digital signatures important?

And what can be signed? (at least 3 answers)

- PDF, MS-Word

- XML docs

- emails

- image-/binary-files

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Recap: Tell the 3 most common algorithms to create a digital signature?




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Recap: What part of a message is singed?

And which hashing algorithm family should be used?


- the message digest (rather than the message itself)

- SHA-2, SHA-3

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Recap: What must a Digital Certificate include? (4 answers)

- bind public key to identity

- Path Validation up to root CA / Log Verification (CT-log)

- CP/CPS Policy (for what the cert should be used - ex. encryption, authentication or signing)

- Web Trust (http://www.webtrust.org/item64428.aspx) -->can provide assurance services to evaluate and test whether the services provided by a particular Certification Authority meet these principles and criteria.

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CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) SignedData:

in which notation the CMS is presented?

what contains a cms signed message? (3 parts)

- ASN.1


- digital signature (encrypted hash)

- infromation about the signer (subject name

- serial number

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PDF Signature Standard:

What is serial signing of PDFs?

What components are interanlly used for signing?

- serial signing is where each signature comprises the prveious signatures

- PKCS#7 and CMS

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Signature in PDF

When a PDF is signed as below, is this signature embedded or is this a separate file?

What parts of the PDF can be signed

- it is embedded

- signature value may also include additional information such as a signature graphic a time stamp and other data