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An argument in favor of foreign direct investment is that it tends to

reduce inequality

promote rural development

increase access to modern technology

decrease local ownership

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Which of the following is an argument against MNCs? (multinational corporation)

A reduction in inequality

An increase in the use of labor intensive technology

A deterioration of the balance of payments accounts

an increase in government tax revenue

non of the above

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One of the significant criticism of MNCs is

the relatively low wages they pay

on balance, they bring in more capital than officially registered

increased economy monetary policy effectiveness

all of the above

non of the above

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The amount of foreign aid in proportion to developed country`s GDP has

increased over time

remained fairly stable over time

decreased over time

fluctuated widely but has shown no clear trend

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MNCs can often decreased their tax liability through

use of more capital-intesive techniques

use of transfer pricing

use of more foreign input sources

bargaining with the host country

non of the above

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A motivation of developed countries in providing development assistance is

The creation of market

geopolitical influence

genuine humanitarian concern

all of the above

none of the above

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Whithin tied aid

MNC investment depends on tax concessions

aid recipients must use aid to purchase goods and services from the donor

aid recipients must follow World Bank/ IMF conditionality

all of the above

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The developing area receiving the largest share of direct foreign investment is/are



Latin America

Trasition economies