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The ration of a country`s average export price to its average import price is

its absolute advantage

its comparative advantage

its terms of trade

its exchange rate

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According to the Prebish-Singer thesis

demand for primary products has steadily fallen

profits of primary producers have steadily fallen

primary producers terms of trade have steadily fallen

prices of primary products have risen over time

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The purpose of commodity buffer stocks is

to moderate price fluctuations

to raise commodity prices

to encourage commodity substitution

to guarantee national security

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Developing countries might be unable to respond smoothly to changing international price signals because of

a lack of government regulation

an abundance of skilled labor

inelastic supply curves

limited foreign exchange

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Autarchy as used in the text refers to

an economy that does not trade

an economy that trades primary products in exchange for manufactures

developing-country dictatorships

the caste system and related social structures

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Which of the following is an argument in favor of the liberalization?

Increased technical efficiency

Accelerated technical progress

Decreased shortages of foreign exchange

All of the above

Both (a) and (b)

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Wich of the following is an argument in favor of trade liberalization?

Increased investment

Infant industry

Fluctuating export earnings

Increased government revenue

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Wich of the following is an argument in favor of the interventionist trade policies?

Cheaper capital goods

Declining terms of trade

Decreased losses from rent-seeking activities

All of the above

Non of the above