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Countries tend to be cassified as more or less develepod bades on:

the literacy rate

the poverty rate

the level of income per capita

the types of goods they produce

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Wich ot the following demonstrates international interdependecs?

the oil shocks

the debt crisis

global warming

all of the above

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A subsistence ecomomy is?

a very low income economy

an economy in which people make what they consume

an economy in which people receive food for pay

all of the above

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Developed economics is the study of the?

alleviation of absolute poverty

transformations of institutions

allocation of resources in developing countries

all of the above

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Development economics must have a scope wider than traditional economics because

valus and attitudes play little role in the pace of development

people in developing societies do less utility-maximizing

transformation of social institutions is necessary for development

all of the above

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A good definition of the meaning of development is the

eliminations of absolute poverty

improvement in the quality of life

fulfillment of the potential of individuals

all of the above

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Wich of the following is not an important objective of development?

increase in per capita income

the expansion of available choices

increases in individual and national self-esteem

all of the above are important objectives of development

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The Millennium Development Goals include

eliminating the proportion of people living on less than $1 per day

universal primary education

increasing exports by one half

all of the above