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Digital transformation is a concern for which of the following organizations?

Organizations in the service sector only

Organizations whose business is already highly digitized

Organizations in the production sector only

Organizations across all industry sectors

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Digital transformation can be understood as an organizational change process. What are the three impact areas of this change process?

(3 correct answers)

An organization's brand management

Competition in established and emerging markets

Interaction with customers and business partners

Organizational value creation

An organization's reputation in the market

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Which factors are essential parts of digital transformation?

(3 correct answers)

Deterministic outcome

Interaction between stakeholders

Digital technologies (cloud computing, Big Data)

Changing value creation of networks

Starting with a bottom-up approach

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Which trends are the basis for an increased interest in and necessity for digital transformation?

(2 correct answers)




Climate change

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Which of the following groups are Internet "milieus"?

(3 correct answers)

Digital Outsiders

Digital Cosmopolitans

Digital Immigrants

Digital Newcomers

Digital Natives

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Which statements are true for many business models due to digital transformation?

(2 correct answers)

The barriers to entering a new market decrease.

Threats exist only inside the organization (for example, resistance to change).

The competitors and peer group remain the same.

The change from producer to solution provider is often favorable.

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What is the most recent IT megatrend?

Client/server architecture

Service-oriented architectures

Social media

Internet of Things

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According to Christensen, what makes cloud computing a disruptive innovation?

(3 correct answers)

Historically most valued attributes


Return on investment (ROI)

Interest of main customers

Liquidity of the innovation's assets