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Which factors relating to new communicaction media can lead to hypes and avalanche effects?

(3 correct answers to this questions)

Increasing degree of connectivity

High level of spontaneus activies

Access to huge amounts of Information

Huge number of partticipants

Change in media

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What is the  most important area of focus for businesses today?

Product inovation

Business model innovation

Product optimization

Process optimization

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Which of the following are major challenges that companies face nowadays?

(3 correct answers to this questions)


Willingness to switch

Power shift, such as from supplier to demander and from employer to employee


Cost controlling

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Wich of the following may be a solution to the complexity that overburdens individuals?

Re-establishing hierarchy

Using networks and cooperation

Strengthening identity and loyalty

Digitizing process

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What is the prerequisite for a transition to new patterns of behavior?





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Wich of the following factors are obstacles that stand in the way of change?

(3 correct answers to this questions)

Internal competition

Permanent project overflow

Discussion about objectives and possible changes on a formal level

Introduction of new rules

No discussion about the meaning of existiong rules

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Why are survey results often contradictory?

(2 correct answers to this questions)

Because surveys measure intuitive evaluations

Because surveys do not consider people's rational decisions

Because of a methodological problem

Because people's attitudes and value expectations are increasingly becoming individualized

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Which observations does the expression "the hybrid human" refer to?

(2 correct answers to this questions)

People increasingly use social media platforms

Human behavior seems volatile and inconsistent

Executives need to deal with growing unpredictability

People's opinions and preferences are contradictory