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Name major pooles of calcium in the body (3)

  1. intracellular calcium 
  2. calcium in blood and in extracellular fluid 
  3. bone calcium 
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Function of Parathyroid hormone in metabolism of calcium 

Increases calcium reabsorption in kidney & decreases phosphate reabsorption 

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Function of Calbindin in metabolism of calcium 

Intracellular protein that ferries calcium across the intestinal epithelial cells
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Function of Calcitonin in metabolism of calcium 

decreases calcium and phosphate reabsorption in kidney 

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Function of Vitamin D in metabolism of calcium 

Increases intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate 

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Calcium is pumped from the cytosol to ER lumen by 

Calcium ATP-ases
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Calcium is pumped out of the cell by

  • sodium/ calcium exchangers 
  • calcium/ proton ATP- ases 
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How does Vitamin D defficiency occur? 

  • Vit. D defficiency results from a combination of inadequate exposure to sunlight and decreased dietary intake of Vit. D
  • causes problem with bones in children - Rickets (bowed long bones) and in adults Osteomalacia (softening of bones)