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Society, General Knowledge for Vocational Schools (ABU), Vocabulary, Chapter 4

Vocabulary, Chapter 4

Vocabulary, Chapter 4

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a written agreement to repair or replace something that someone has bought if it stops working, is faulty or does not meet the specified quality

debit card

card that allows cash withdrawals and cashless payment, the charges are deducted from the account as they are made

standing order

cashless payment method with banks; the bank is instructed to regularly transfer a fixed amount of money to the same receiver

default of payment

breach of contract: the buyer does not pay the purchase price by the scheduled date

order for payment

written request to the debtor to pay their debt


an annulment of the sale of an article and its return to the seller because of some material defect

polluter pays principle

a principle according to which those who are responsible for producing pollution are also responsible for the damage caused to the environment

breach of contract

a failure to do something that you have promised to do or that people expect you to do by contractual agreement