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aircraft subgroups (3)

airframe, engine, systems

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system groups (3)

structure, vehicle system, avionic system

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flight controll system


-input system for pilot to controll deflection of the rudders and controll the A/C

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air data system

provides airspeed, altitude, air temperature, rate of climbe or descent information

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essential functions

loss would reduce capability of the A/C

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critical functions

loss could cause loss of hole A/C or fatal injuries

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severity of a failure condition relate to its probability in which way?

Schwere des Fehlers steht in welchem Zusammenhang zu seinem wahrscheindlichen Auftreten?

inversely proportional

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 four probapility terms

-probable: one or more times

-remote: several times

-extremely remote: few times

-extremely improbable: not anticipated to occure