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HarmoS is a so called „Schulkonkordat“ between the Kantons of Switzerland and the Fürstentum Liechtenstein, which was formulated by the EDK.

It is the harmonization between the participating Kantons regarding their mandatory school system.

Main aims are:

  • quality assurance and development
  • degrade mobility hindrance (moving between the Kantons with less problems concerning the children and their school based competences)

Achieving through:

  • same duration of the obligatory school system
  • harmonization of the main aims from the different grades
  • national education standards

Due to the fact that Switzerland is a Multilingual country, the harmonization is special.

-> A secondary Language has to be thought from the 5th grade (counting KG) and the third from the 7th on. Which language is learned when can still vary depending on the Kanton.

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Contracts and agreements made between the Kantons are called Konkordat.

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Is used in BL, BS, BE, FR, SO and VS


  • making the language competences comparable (GER)
  • Functional multilingualism; communicate in our Multilingual country and global world
  • Language acquisition as active construction
  • „Mehrsprachigkeitsdidaktik“; connecting the „Didaktik“ of the different languages
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Celtic influence on Englisch: pre history / stone age. Celtics influenced most of the time in name of places.

F.E.: „ardu“ = „haut“ / „high“

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Roman influence

They covered the whole of mediterranean.

Latin stood for social standing (soldiers, business). Latin was also used for writing, colonisation, christianisation (translation of bible).

Name of places like Manchester, Lancaster, Chester etc.

Latin is still fixed in some expressions today: in vino veritas, summa cum laude, am (ante meridiem) and pm (post meridiem).

Latin was used for all things very high status (law, religion, business etc.)

F. E: „scola“ (latin) - „scol“ (old English) - „school“ (modern English)

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Transferred from Skandinavia to England.

Cild (Angleland) - child (English).

Germanic influences in the days of the week.

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Originally a germanic tribe - sea nation.

They came manly from Scandinavian north cost to Ireland & Wales. They pushed down the Anglo-Saxens to the south of England.


- Places with endings like -by.

  • Lifestyle words like „fisk“ - „fish“
  • Word „window“ comes from them = „wind-eye“
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The Normans

1066 Battle of Hastings: King of Saxens was killed by the Normans (Normandie). The Normans brought all their people to England.

English replaces French as language of law.

Early modern English began in the 1540s.