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Family forms

Concerns the variety of patterned or structured ways in which people live and relate together as family members, sometimes raising technical issues of how to describe individuals' relationships to each other
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Families of choice

The concept of 'families of choice' is intended to capture the commitment of chosen, rather than fixed, relationships and ties of intimacy, care and support
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A household is a physical structure that can contain an individual or a social group that may or may not be considered a family, who co-reside, usually involving sleeping under the same roof and typically sharing a range of domestic activities -- everyday
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Refers to formal systems of relationships with regard to alliances of marriage and lines of descent, More recently it is also used to refer to broad family connections in contemporary developed societies
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Family effects

how family membership and experiences may have consequences for individuals
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Family lifecycle and lifecourse:

Suggests that the ways in which families change over time are characterised by a cyclical pattern, while the concept of the life course pays particular attention to the individual life trajectory as a person moves through different roles and experiences
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Role theory

attempts to explain the way people in particular social positions are expected to behave, or the way in which they develop particular patterns of behaviour when they occupy such positions
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Family systems

draws on the idea of system as used in engineering, to describe the family as a whole entity in which all the parts are seen as closely interconnected