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what is the difference between internal environment and external environment (general environment)?

Internal--> within organisation (technologies, structure, business process)

External/general--> industry-specific environment (organizations customers, suppliers and competitors)

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what does PESTEL stand for?







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give some examples for the Environmental influences from each PESTEL Letter

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give some examples for the PESTEL letters in an INTERNATIONAL context

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what are the 5 competitors in the five forces analysis

Suppliers, Customers,Competitors,Potential entrants, Substitutes

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When does strong competitive rivalry occur?

-many firms but none dominant

-market is growing slowly

-high fixed costs

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what can encourage new entrants?

-low costs of equipment and facilities

-readily available distribution facilities

-minimal loyalty to established company

-no relevant subsidies/regulations favoring existing firms

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Bargain power of buyers will decrease profit if:

-many alternative products or suppliers

-cost of switching to other products is low

-buyer takes high percentage of supplier's sale