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Cosmopolitan (definition, 3 areas)

Citizen of the world - glocality

3 areas:

  • Cultural (identity, openness, celebration of cultures - global networks, music, literature, habits)
  • Moral (justice towards the close and the distant) 
  • Governance (institutions, framework of law, partnerships, responsibility and accountability)
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Definition CSR

Company's sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment (ecological and social)

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3 dimensions of CSR




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Name 3 steps to move from CSR to CSV (+example)

Doing something descretionary or in response to external pressure > integral to competing

Separate from profit maximization > integral to profit maximization

Impact is limited by corp footprint and budget > Realigns the entire company budget

Agenda is determined by reporting and preferences > Agenda is specific and internally generated

EXAMPLE: Fair trade vs transforming procurement to increase yield and quality


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Identify 3 ways of shared value creation

Reconceive products and markets (social and environmental linkages with the business - Wells Fargo pay debt and manage credit)

Redefine value chain (modification of activities to have a more positive impact - Walmart reducing packaging and transportation)

Enabling local clusters (how could working in clusters benefit the company and communities - Nestle agricultural, financial and logistical help to coffee farmers)

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Thomas Maak - The cosmopolitical corporation

100 largest economies (49 countries, 51 companies)

MNCs are political actors in many ways: ability to do more and better, political engagement, powerful part of civil society and cosmopolitan universe

Can send signals and issue policies to influence production and supply networks, more impact than governments

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Karl Weick - Small wins

People define social problems in a way that overwhelms their ability to change them

Need to identify a series of controllable opportunites

Useful from psychological point of view (less distortion)

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 Wright & Nyberg - Creative self-distruction

Little sign that humanity will yet respond to climate change in a meaningful way

Continued growth and expansion relies on explotation of natural resources