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The European Model

Several Leagues (⇒ from youth league to top national league)

Open Leagues (⇒ first league, second league, ... )

Promotion and Relegation


national and international competitions

There is

1. the national Federation

2. the regional Federation(s)

3. the clubs/athletes

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The US Model (North American Model)

Professional League (⇒ begins with the college sports and extends to the professional League, "Drafting System")

Closed Leagues (⇒ limits of salary, no promotion, Entry fees, ... )

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Difference between the two Models (EU M. vs. US M.)?

⇒ In the US M. there is no open league, hence there is no promotion and relegation, there are collective bargaining agreements and entry fees

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What is Sports Law in a broader sense?

  • Contract Law
  • Association Law
  • Employment Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Private International Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • Fundamental Freedoms under the TFEU
  • Competition Law
  • Tax Law
  • etc.

⇒ typical cross-section area of the law

⇒ see slides L1 S. 30 ff.

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What is Sports Law in a narrower sense?

  • Sports Regulations
  • Statutes

⇒ non-state law

⇒ Rules and Regulations enacted by private entities (in switzerland the authonomy of associations)

⇒ no applicability per se

  1. International Federation (enforcements (on a private law basis); disciplinary sanctions, financial penalties, Suspensions, etc.) Pyramidal system of sports
  2. National Federation (Membership)
  3. Club / Athlete (contractual basis)

See slide L1 S. 34 ff.

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Why is Switzerland so important?

Switzerland is a hub to many int. Sports Federations

  • was a "save haven" in the post World War I and pre World War II ⇒ neutrality, stability, security
  • Geographic location
  • Salaries
  • Taxes
  • Quality of life
  • Education

The swiss legal framework is good for int. sports federations (liberal Legislation), only a few mandatory regulations, authonomy of associations, fiscal benefits, swiss arbitration law is broad and flexible, data protection

Swiss Sports Law? ⇒ SpoFöG

Substantive Swiss Law is of paramount importance in international sports dispute resolution

Art. 66 Abs. 2 CAS, Art. R45 ...

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Lex Arbitri

Swiss Arbitration Law

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Rules of the Game

Rules, which define exclusively the progress/conduct/running of the game "on the pitch"

⇒ their effect is limited to "the pitch"

Examples: offside, penalty, foul, etc. Technical equipment, eligibility to participate