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What are the different parts of the nervous system?

Brain, spinal cord and nerves
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What is trepariation? 

Boring a hole in the skull with the aim to cure
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Contrast Hippoctes' and Aristotele's idea of the brain and its function. 


Hippocrates : Brain as seat of intelligence. Aristotle: Heart as center of intellect, brain as radiator for cooling blood.
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What did Galen discover?

By dissecting animals: Cerebrum in the front and Cerebellum in the back. Cerebrum rather soft and Cerebellum rather hard. Cerebrum for sensation and perception + repository of memory. Cerebellum for movement control.
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What did Galen believe about nerves?

Nerves = hollow tubes like blood vessels.
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What did Rene Descartes critizise about this theory? I

Could no5 account for full range of human behaviour. Human mental capabilities exist in mind.
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What is the function of white matter? 

It is continuous with nerves of the body and contains fibers that bring information to and from the grey matter.
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How is the nervous system decided? 

It is divided into central devision (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral division (nerves).