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Active Session History (ASH)

 Sampled data at specified intervals from the current state
of all active sessions. The data is collected in memory and can be accessed by v$ views.

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aggregate functions

Functions that operate on groups of rows, also known as group
functions. The exact number of inputs for aggregate functions is not determined until the
query is executed and all rows are fetched. This differs from single-row functions, in which
the number of inputs is known at parse time, before the query is executed.

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alert log file

A file where Oracle Database writes information about the database startups,
shutdown, check points, redo log switches, errors, and warning information.

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anonymous block

An unnamed PL/SQL program.

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archived redo log file

A file that contains the contents of a previously used redo log file.
It’s created only when the database is operating in ARCHIVELOG mode.

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A database configuration in which redo log files are copied to the
archive log destination, which ensures that they won’t be overwritten and lost. These
archived logs are used primarily for media recovery.

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An Oracle background process that copies the online redo log files to an archived
log destination.

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arithmetic operators

Operators used to manipulate information in the arithmetic expressions.
Addition (+), subtraction (–), multiplication (*), and division (/) are the arithmetic