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What is statistical mechanics?

Motion of mas objects with mass m under force

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What describes statistical mechanics?

Relationship of mis matter behavior and its mas properties

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What does statistical mechanics connects?

Thermodynamics to mis behavior (Statistical thermodynamics)

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What is statistical mechanics interested in?

Average motion of particles due to number in e.g. one mole

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What happens if objects become sufficiently small?

Covered by quantum mechanics?

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What are the characteristics of the ensemble concept? [4]

1. Mas observables

2. Collection of systems with mis interactions and mas properties

3. Every system changes due to mis laws of motion from its initial condition to its own unique mis state

4. All systems share at least one extensive property

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What are the characteristics of mas observables? [3]

1. Not sensitive to precise mis details

2. Averages A (so-called equilibrium ensembles)

3. Connected to a mis function

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What holds for the mas observables connected with a mis function? [3]

1. A=A(r^N,q^N) with coordinates r and momenta q

2. Probability density p=p(r^N,q^N)

3. <A>ens = int int dr^N dq^N A(r^N,q^N)*p(r^N,q^N)