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The chicken tender basket comes with __ hand battered chicken tenders in _____ flour and ____ batter. Served with ____ _____, fries and a choice of another other side. 

4, seasoned, beer, honey mustard
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The texas cheese fries are our seasoned french fries with _____ ____ and ______ cheese blend (mixed cheese) and topped with _____. Comes with a side of _____.

monterey jack, cheddar, bacon, ranch
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Santa fe spinach dip  has spinach, _____ cheese, ______ cheese, and ______ sauce. served hot with corn tortilla chips and a side of ____ _____

cream, mozzerella, alfredo, sour cream
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Our nachos are layered with refried beans, queso, ______-chicken or _____ meat, topped with melted mixed cheese. available in _____, _____, or ______

nacho, taco, chicken, beef, mixed
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Chips and Queso has Ameri-melt cheese, ______, cilantro, _____ and ______. served with tortilla chips and seasoned ____ for no charge. It comes with a side of ______. 

tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, beef, salsa
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2 dips and tenders comes with _____ dip, ______, and __ tenders

spinach, queso, 3
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Our homemade onion rings are hand battered rings coated with _____ flour and ______ and cheddars _____. No half orders allowed and requires extra time. comes with a side of _____ and _____ dipping sauce 

seasoned, buttermilk, seasoning, ranch, cajun
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Our loaded nacho dip comes with refried beans, ____ meat, queso, pico de gallo, ____ _____ and jalepeno slices, _____ in a bowl for dipping. corn ______ served on the side

taco, cream cheese, layered, tortillas