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1. Primary prevention in colorectal cancer consists of:


A. removal of polyps during colonoscopy

B. performing a blood test in the faeces of 1x year

C. performing a blood test in the faeces every 2 years

D. None of the above

E. correct A and C

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6. Of the following, the single best test for resectability of soft tissue sarcoma is:



C. level of alkaline phosphatase


E. magneticresonance

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16. Iodine supplementation 131-I treatment is only used if:

A. papillary thyroid cancer

B.medullary thyroid cancer

C. follicular thyroid cancer

D. Correct a and c

E. Correct a,b,c

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18. In monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and in the observation of patients with embryonic testicular neoplasia, the indication is:


A. CEA and CA 19.9

B. CA-125

C. AFP and beta-HCG

D. Only beta-hCG

E.CA 15.3 and HE4

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2018) 23. In treatment of which tumors are not used concurrent chemoradiotherapy:

A. cervical cancer

B. non-small cell lung cancer

C. breast cancer

D. squamous cell carcinomas of head and neck region

E. small-cell lung cancer

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25. The risk factor for endometrial cancer is:


A. obesity

B. diabetes

C. infertility

D. colorectal cancer in an interview

E. all of the above

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2018) 29. In kidney cancer:

1. Radical nephrectomy is performed with one kidney. 

2. Partial nephrectomy in case of early kidney cancer is not recommended. 

3. For single metastases, metastactomy and nephrectomy should be performed.

4. In non-operative metastases, the removal of a renal kidney does not benefit the patient. 

The correct sentences are:


A.1 and 2

B.1, 2, 3 and 4

C.1 and 3

D only 1

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2018) 31. In the case of invasive bladder cancer gives the best results:

A: radiotherapy


c: Surgical treatment (cystectomy)

d:Inguinal bladder cells of cytostatics

e: BCG ingots