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define ethernet.

which subcomittee defines the current ethernet specifications?

a standard for network cabling and protocols which is based on a bus topology. 

IEEE 802.3 subcomittee

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ethernet frames have two jobs, what are they?

1) prevent a computer from hogging a shared bus cable

2) make the process of retransmitting lost data more efficient

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on the exam; frame and packet are used interchangeably

on the exam; frame and packet are used interchangeably

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name how many pieces of information do frames contain, and what are they?


1) preamble

2) recipient MAC

3) sender MAC

4) type

5) data 

*) pad (if needed)

6) FCS

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 a 7 byte series of alternating ones and zeroes followed by a 1 byte start frame. It gives a receiving NIC time to realize a frame is coming and to know exactly where the frame stars. It is added by the sending Nic.

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this field helps the receiving computer interpret the frame contents at a very basic level. It doesn't tell you if the frame carries higher level data.

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contains whatever payload the frame carries. 

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these are bytes which make up the remaining 64 bytes of information within a frame if that frame does not contain actual data.

the minimum ethernet frame is 64 bytes, but not all of it has to be actual data. if the frame is less than 64 bytes, the sending NIC will add extra data - a pad- to fill in the remaining bytes.